Code Enforcement

The primary job function of the Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Merrill is to Act as a liaison between the City of Merrill and its’ residents and businesses by investigating, communicating, educating and enforcing Merrill municipal City codes.

The Code Enforcement Officer documents each violation by completing a “Code Enforcement Complaint Form” (Example 1). A camera will be supplied to the Code Enforcement Officer to take pictures of each specific complaint. The camera and completed “Code Enforcement Complaint Form” is submitted to the Merrill City Clerk for notification to violators by letter.

When necessary, recommend enforcement to the Common Council of Merrill. When directed, notify the City Clerk and City Marshal of citation and request the issuance of citation for ordinance violation.

  • Be responsive to violators’ requests for information regarding their notices, concerns and proper procedures.
  • Maintain a professionals and courteous attitude to the residents and businesses of Merrill in the performance of these duties.
  • The City Marshal is the immediate supervisor while the Common Council of Merrill oversees the Code Enforcement Officer position.
  • Follow Fleet Safety Policy, safety protocols and policies of the City of Merrill,
  • Other projects as assigned.

Code Enforcement Complaints

Citizen complaints are always addressed. Along with referrals from Code Enforcement Officer,
Jessica Jensen, as well as observation of violations while City Police is on patrol. Violators’ are contacted through personal contact, abatement letters, or pink notices that are left at their door. If the issue is not abated within the time given, there will be charges assessed to the property owner for violating the code. Please feel free to fill out a form and scan, mail or drop it off at the city hall office.