Dog Complaint Procedure

Violations of ordinance concerning dogs have become a serious problem in Merrill. In an effort to address this problem, The Merrill Police Department has coordinated with Klamath County Animal Control. They will act on any written and submitted complaint using the attached form.

If you have or witnessed a violation of dog ordinance please follow the directions on the complaint form and pay special attention to the “REQUIRED” sections. Only sign the complaint in the presence of a certified Notary of Public for Oregon.

It is helpful if you obtain a photograph of the violation (i.e..: loose or nuisance dog violation) and attach the photo with the complaint with a date and time of the violation. A photo of the residence where you believe the owner lives, is also helpful for the investigation.

After completing the complaint form and having it notarize, send or drop it off at Klamath County
Animal Control, 4250 Washburn Way, Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603 or at the Merrill City Hall and we can forward the complaint form.

If the complaint is an emergency in nature, please call 911. Examples of emergency situations: Severe dog bite to a human, an aggressive dog at large that poses a threat to public safety or other domestic animals, animal abuse or neglected animals that needs emergency attention and dogs killing livestock if the dog(s) are still in the area and a dog owner is unknown, or cannot be contacted.

Helpful hint: If you own a dog/dogs, make sure that you are current on any required Rabies shots and licenses. It is possible that the person in violation will report you for violations.