City Council members serve a term of 4 years. Two council members are elected every two years.

Council Commissioners

 Mayor – Bill Carlson

Water & Sewer Commissioner – Kallie Gatliff

Office Commissioner – Joanne Johnson

Police  Commissioner – Steve Baley

Code Enforcement Commissioner – Steve Baley

Street Commissioner – Rodney McCollam



Biography’s and Photo’s Below


Bill Carlson

Merrill Oregon is a fantastic place to live and work. It is an honor to serve as mayor. In this position I’ll seek to maintain and enhance the things that make Merrill great- safe communities, small town values, and the opportunities to raise a strong family and pursue your endeavors.

Best Regards from Merrill;
Bill Carlson

Council President

Joanne Johnson

Bio Coming Soon….

Council Member

Rodney McCollam

Bio coming soon…..

Council Member

Steve Baley

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Council Member

Kallie Gatliff

Bio and image coming soon…..