City Council members serve a term of 4 years. Two council members are elected every two years.

Deligated  Commissioner Duties of Council

 Mayor –  “Vacant”

Mayor Pro Tem –  Joanne Johnson 

Office Commissioner – Joanne Johnson

Water & Sewer Commissioner – Kallie Gatliff

Police  Commissioner – Steve Baley

Code Enforcement Commissioner – Steve Baley

Street Commissioner – Rodney McCollam


CBiography’s, Photo’s, City Charter and Council Rules are listed below











Mayor Pro Tem &
Council President

Joanne Johnson


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Council Member

Rodney McCollam

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Council Member

Steve Baley

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Council Member

Kallie Gatliff

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City Charter & Council Rules

City Charter means the City ’s organic law, equivalent to a constitution, which defines the City’s existence and prescribes the powers, duties, and organization of the City’s governmental structure. The definition was sourced from the website Law Click  HERE  for the website. Click links below for Charter and Council Rules.

City Charter

City Council Rules